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Science: A way of finding things out and then making them work. Science explains what is happening around us the whole time. So does Religion, but Science is better because it comes up with more understandable excuses when it's wrong. There is a lot more Science than you think.

From 'A Scientific Encyclopedia for the Enquiring Young Nome'
by Angalo de Haberdasheri ('Wings', Terry Pratchett)

I was a postdoc, assistant and associate professor in the Delft Bioinformatics Lab in 2003-2013. As of November 1, 2013, I have moved to Wageningen University & Research centre. With a background is in pattern recognition / machine learning, my research goal is to develop adaptive algorithms and models for molecular biology, primarily based on high-throughput measurement data and available prior knowledge.


For an overview of software developed recently in our group, please see the software page.

During my PhD, I maintained a C-library for neural networks and pattern recognition algorithms, SPRLIB/ANNLIB. I was also involved in the maintenance of a Matlab pattern recognition toolbox, PRTools, developed by Bob Duin. The latter was used throughout the book Classification, parameter estimation and state estimation: an engineering approach using Matlab (F. van der Heijden, R.P.W. Duin, D. de Ridder and D.M.J. Tax, John Wiley & Sons, 2004).