Bob Duin's picture
Bob Duin
Associate professor
David Tax's picture
David Tax
Assistant professor
Laurens van der Maaten's picture
Laurens v.d. Maaten
Assistant Professor
Marcel Reinders's picture
Marcel Reinders
Professor, Head of the Pattern Recognition & Bioinformatics Group
Marco Loog's picture
Marco Loog
Assistant professor, lab coordinator

Senior research staff

Yuan Zeng's picture
Yuan Zeng

Junior research staff

Alexander Mey's picture
Alexander Mey
Expertise: Mathematics, Pattern Recognition, Semi-Supervised Learning
Jesse Krijthe's picture
Jesse Krijthe
Tom Viering's picture
Tom Viering
PhD Student
Expertise: Active Learning
Wenjie Pei's picture
Wenjie Pei
PhD Student
Wouter Kouw's picture
Wouter Kouw
PhD Student
Yazhou Yang's picture
Yazhou Yang
PhD student

Support staff

Bart Vastenhouw's picture
Bart Vastenhouw
Robbert Eggermont's picture
Robbert Eggermont
System administrator, research and teaching support
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Ruud de Jong
Saskia Peters's picture
Saskia Peters


Lorenzo Bottarelli's picture
Lorenzo Bottarelli
Paola Rondon Villarreal's picture
P. Rondon Villarreal
Veronika Cheplygina's picture
Veronika Cheplygina
Expertise: Machine learning, medical image analysis

MSc students

Daan Kolthof's picture
Daan Kolthof
Huiying Chu's picture
Huiying Chu
Lex Razoux Schultz's picture
Lex Razoux Schultz
Reinoud Baker's picture
Reinoud Baker
Sjoerd van Bekhoven's picture
Sjoerd van Bekhoven
MSc Student
Sokratis Kariotis's picture
Sokratis Kariotis
MSc Student
Viktor Ivanov's picture
Viktor Ivanov
MSc Student
Yuan Zhou's picture
Yuan Zhou