Graduation procedure

The final part of the MKE master programme is a master thesis project (45 ECTS, approx. 32 weeks).
An example outline of this project is:

  • 4 weeks: get acquainted with the subject and exact definition of the assignment, literature survey
  • 6 weeks: elaborate on the subject, implementation, evaluation
  • 10 weeks: implementation
  • 6 weeks: evaluation
  • 6 weeks: writing of the report (including further improvements implementation/evaluation)

The student should consider his/her own master thesis project as a project to be managed. For monitoring these parts the following decision documents could be written and discussed with the supervisor:

  • definition and objective of the assignment
  • definition of the program of demands and program of wishes
  • proposal of a feasible solution
  • realization of the solution
  • evaluation of the solution

Important issues for these decision documents are:

  • time (planning)
  • quality (what is good enough)
  • information (documentation, literature)
  • resources (software, hardware, theory)

During the graduation project the student must attend the bi-weekly student meetings (Thursday, 9.00-10.30, Shannon room, see also the Student meetings schedule) in which approximately every six weeks he/she has to give a 15-minute presentation about relevant literature or his/her own work.

At least three months before the graduation date, the graduation committee has to be composed by the master thesis supervisor and sent for approval to the board of examiners The graduation committee exists of at least three members . In the PRB/MSP groups we usually have at least four members in a graduation committee.

The final deliverable of the graduation is the graduation report, including a concept paper which summarizes the most important findings in a conference/journal style.

The graduation project will be concluded with a 45-minute presentation and an 1-hour session with the graduation committee.